The future of Remote Graphics. Today. Cloud Gaming, VDI, and more.

Leap Computing products offer a superior experience of remote access and remote graphics.


Ease of Use

Leap Software can be setup and deployed quickly to your customers and employees

Leap Software operates at framerates up to 144fps, while utilizing minimal system resources.

Efficient Software

Future Growth

Leap Computing add features regularly, making your experience faster and better.

What we offer

Support for industry standard GPUs and CPUs.

AMD, Intel, and Nvidia supported

Custom Hardware

Leap Computing has proprietary hardware to meet any needs for cloud gaming and VDI.

Datacenter Hosting

Leap Computing offers hosted environments, saving IT costs and setup complications.


Leap Computing is dedicated to making sure that we support you from end-to-end

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Leap Hardware Platform

  • High Framerate and Efficiency

    Leap Computing software operates at framerates as high as 144 for ultra latency sensitive applications such as cloud gaming. Leap Computing also accomplishes these framerates without sacrificing essential resources from the server for running the needed applications.

  • High Resolutions

    Leap Computing supports very high resolution environments.

    Leap Supports the following resolutions and more:


    1280x720 (720p)

    1920x1080 (1080p)



    3840x2160 (4k)


    In addition, Leap Computing also supports multiple monitor environments.

  • Low Bandwidth Use

    Leap Computing software can be used in ultra-low bandwidth environments as low as 1mbps.


    This allows users to get a great experience, even over mobile networks and Wi-Fi.

Leap Computing has developed a proprietary hardware platform that makes the most of tough situations. Perfect for Cloud gaming and VDI, the Leap Computing Server system is available now.


With Support for 10 CPUs and 10 GPU boards, there is no task that the Leap Server can't handle.

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